Friday, March 24, 2006


Today I woke up happy! Extremely happy in fact. Absurdly giddy for so many reasons.

The first : It was the first time in about two weeks that my daughter spent the entire night sleeping in her room and her bed, which means mama had some sleep too. Yippie!
She seems to be going through a stage where she wakes up between 1:00 and 3:00 am and shows up next to my bed, her thumb in her mouth and her security sack(what she used to sleep in as a baby) in the other hand. With sleepy eyes and a wet thumb she points to the bed and motions for me to lift her up. At first, I was shuffling her back to her room and eventually passing out on the tiny carpet in her room, waiting for her to fall asleep again. But that became old very quickly and I finally gave in and let her sleep with me. Seriously, who wants to wake up every morning feeling like you just slept on the floor of a cold, small, dark cave.

The Second: I received my yummy candy swap package from Philly, PA in the mail this week. Lot's of goodies as you can see from the picture. Chocolate covered pretzels, a box with assorted chocolates (unfortunately you can't see the top but there are Green Shamrock stickers attached, and an assortment of little chocolate egg shaped bars which I haven't tried yet but my daughter did. The cute green colored ceramic glazed stars are a little extra gift that was added and I absolutely love them.

Third: Thanks to M for leaving me a very nice comment and well wishes on my blogging experience.

Fourth: It's Friday and the weekend is here. Can't wait to enjoy it.

Have a good weekend all!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Hello! I am about to take baby steps into the blogging world. It is something I have wanted to try but never really knew where to start.
My first introduction to blog reading was
Pen on Fire. I stumbled onto it from the book's website. From there I began searching out blogs on writing, actual writer's blogs and literary blogs when I came across Felicia C. Sullivan's blog. It was then that I realized I was beginning to go blog crazy! I would link from blog to blog on other people's blogs. Wish Jar Journal, one of my favorites introduced me to blogs of great illustrator's, crafters, designers and muscians. I am currently part of the Angry Chicken's mail-order club and just received my first Candy Swap "goodies" in the mail.

So welcome to all who come along for the ride.