Sunday, June 04, 2006

Back With Goodies and Such

Happy June everyone! This is my birth month. It is also the month that some of us honor our fathers or husband's. This is the month of the Summer Solstice for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere (the longest daylight period and shortest night). This is the month that the Summer Reading Challenge begins. I have committed myself to reading at least one book a week between June 1st and August 31st but I want to try for two. This is the month that re-runs are really in full swing and I start watching more movies. I saw an absolutely fabulous movie yesterday: My Life Without Me. I highly recommend this film. Warning! The theme of this film deals with death but I found it to be in a very beautiful way.

Goodies I got in the mail at the end of May:

The "Spring Fever" theme installment from the candy swap I participate in came last week. This package came from Lisa in Texas. Giant Jelly Beans, which I love, a wonderful dark chocolate candy bar with pink peppercorns. It tastes amazing with a sweet, spicy, citrus, berry flavor. I will definitely be searching the net for more of these chocolate and other types by this specific manufacturer. And the part the really resonated the "Spring Fever" theme were the lollipop's with real bugs. Yep, real bugs. One is blueberry flavored with a scorpion in it and the other is a tequila flavored with a worm. I myself do not have the guts to try it but they make for a great souvenir and conversation item. They are made by a company called HOTLIX who have many more varieties of insect candies and snacks. They do have non-insect products as well.

This beautiful tote bag that I ordered from Thimble is amazing. She does amazing work. I am a beginner sewer with hopes of obtaining skills such as these some day. I love this bag. She sent a cute little thank you card with one of her button's attached (not pictured because my daughter grabbed it and well, I am still trying to find where she hid it). I must also mention that I belong to her button of the month club, but never got around to posting the first set of buttons I received. She also makes great jewelry and accessories so check out her shop.

Well, the day is starting to get behind me and I have so much to do. Today will be double post day. Tonight I will post my Sunday Scribblings. I've been so swamped with everything I've missed the last few.


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