Wednesday, June 07, 2006


I know I am probably VERY late in discovering this great book. But I am glad I finally did. I would see it often in my trips browsing through B&N, but for some reason I never did stopped to actually pick it up, glance at the pages and really see what it was all about. Perhaps it is because the title and image on the cover eludes to the Girl Scouts. Not that I have anything against Girl Scouts, it's just that I had a complete aversion to being one myself when I was younger. I think the whole concept of merit badges was kind of a turn off for me too.

Well today while waiting at the doctor's office with my daughter, I picked up an issue of
Experience Life magazine and there it was, a picture of the book and all necessary information to locate it nestled at the end of an article I was reading. I took this as a sign that maybe it was time I gave it a chance. So on the way home I checked it out from the library. What a pleasant surprise. I am looking forward to taking the challenge to complete the merit badges in this book no matter how long it takes.

I've come to the realization that the merit badge can really be a sign of success and accomplishment. Maybe my aversion to being a Girl Scout when I was younger was a missed opportunity to challenge myself earlier in ways I am only learning about now.


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