Thursday, July 20, 2006

Poetry Thursday ~ Sex

This weeks topic brought me back to a point in my life that has always left me with a bit of regret. The one that you think you "let get away syndrome". This was a poem I found that I had written on the spur of the moment about the incident that happened between myself and my "Mr. Right".

Do you recall the first night
we went out and I lured you into a car,
across the border and through
the narrow streets of Maastricht.

In and out of smoky clubs
where I hesitantly stole
my first memorable kiss from you on
the dance floor between songs.

From there it turned into endless nights
and quiet moments of us lying next
to each other with candlelight

on a futon of my studio apartment,

music always blaring in the background
and waiting for the other person
to make the first move.

Then that moment came,
that final decision to make love
overcame us, and in the act,
my image of you was shattered.

I was taken by surprise
of the words that left my
mouth and crushed your ego.

It was beginning of our end, of
my foolishness, immaturity,
my expectations of you and
realizing I screwed up.

~ Lisa 1998

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Blogger Kate said...

I really liked that! Such a beautiful, spare way to tell a big, powerful story. I'd love to see some of your work in the submissions mailbox at ;)

And sorry for just dropping in like that. I found - or at least I think I found - you via the Reading Challenge, which I'm halfheartedly trying to complete between everything else. Getting lots of reading done, just not as much as I'd signed up for!

3:41 PM  

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