Monday, July 10, 2006

Sunday Scribblings-On Monday-Hotels

I have never really minded staying in a hotel. I have stayed in many types as well. I have traveled quite a bit in my life and I think I have been to every type of hotel possible (do motels and hostels count because I have stayed in them too). Some were nice, posh suites where you had the world at your fingertips; others were simple rooms with nothing but beds, a bathroom and sometimes not even a TV. There were the ones that were so not what I had expected when I booked the room, that I thought, I would sooner suffer losing one night’s sleep than taking a chance on what I would endure thorough the night. But this latest road trip from Atlanta to New York was a hotel experience I will always remember because it became a “hotel family affair”.

My mom, dad, daughter and I shacked up at the Fairfield end in Flushing, Queens with my cousin’s who also live in Atlanta. My younger cousin Mel (for short) brought along her boyfriend, and my other cousin from Arkansas came with his girlfriend, son and somewhat stepdaughter.

The first night my cousin’s arrived at the hotel they had ordered in a bunch of pizzas and unintentionally created a little pizza party in the breakfast/hangout room of the hotel. When we walked in from having dinner in the city, everyone was sitting around watching the plasma TV on the wall and talking turn’s checking their emails or surfing the web on the hotel computer. Any other people who came within a foot of this area seemed to think we were having some significant event going on and avoided the room all together. We had officially taken over.

Then there was the night us “younger folk” went out on the town and showed up at the hotel at 2:30 in the morning. Some of us more drunk than others, but we still we managed to make our way back to our rooms (on the same floor) without disturbing the peace of the other hotel guests. Most of the loud laughing and obnoxious behavior took part in the hotel lobby entrance and in the elevator.

Every morning even though none of us ever woke up at the same time we would run into one another eating breakfast or slamming down huge amounts of coffee to start the day. Especially, those of us that had spent the night before drinking just a little too much.

Oh and the scene of my cousin B. who we deemed the General trying to round up the troops in the hotel lobby at a specific time, so that we could have a convoy of cars heading into the city as to save anyone from getting lost on the freeways. But it never failed that we were separated at least on one of the attempts.

It was a great time and a great idea for us all to stay at the same hotel. We as a family bonded in ways we had not before, we had the chance to catch up on each others lives, because even those of us who live near each other still don’t get to spend that much quality time together.

Besides, when my family gets together it is always a blast!


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