Monday, August 14, 2006

Mirror Meditation ~ Monday

I began my mirror meditation again this weekend, after not participating all last week(bad me). I must say it is a real challenge. I have a hard time sitting still. I have tried time and time again in the past to meditate and could never seem to complete any sort of meditation for any length of time. Getting your mind to quiet is tough.

But I sat there for the past few days, for at least 10 minutes at a time and with each day it seemed a bit easier. In fact at some point I found it relaxing. Time to reflect and oddly enough, I just studied my face. I looked for every perfection and imperfection.

Yesterday, I decided to get a series of pictures of myself from the time I was young until now. I taped them to the mirror and did a comparison. Crazy as it is, though I have become older with each year, I still look exactly the same as I did when I was little. I remember always wanting to look my age. I figured looking my age in some respect would make people view me different, treat me different or show me a different type of respect as a true adult.

But as I looked at these pictures and compared them it really sunk in that what is on the outside, truly says nothing about what a person is on the inside.


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