Thursday, June 28, 2007

Poetry Thursday~Written spontaneously

surrounds me like
the black plague.
I come up
for a breath,
only to realize
I am deciding to find my own way,
and leave you behind.
Negative karma?
Is that what you think it is?
I think it's your
negative aura that drags you
causing you pain,
ill health,
bad luck,
you want to call it.
You have the nerve to think

it's me.
I don't stand by you!
Sorry, reality is
I am the only one
you truly have left.

~ Lisa 2007

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


This is my three year old! She already looks so much older than a three year old, but when I saw this picture, it really validated that feeling for me. This was sent to me yesterday from the parent of a child in my daughter's class who had the birthday party Sunday.

The party was at Jeronimo's, an inflatable slide and jumping center. These are all the rage now, especially for kid's birthday parties. There are about a gazillion of these in Atlanta with other names as well. We had my daughter's 2nd birthday at one.

I was a little surprised by this picture becasue she usually spends two seconds in the inflatable jumpers, before deciding she doesn't like all the kids jumping around her and on her. Then as quick as possible she makes a b-line for the little netted door. Where was I when she was actually in there having fun?

The first time she set foot in one of these places, she would not even dare to try on maneuver the stairs or to attempt to climb to the top of the slides. Now, when it is a new place, that she has not been, she might hesitate a bit, but once she realizes she can master it herself and has gone down the slide at least once. Then she we proudly say out loud "Momma, I did it," grinning from ear to ear.

Many thanks to the camera to be able to capture the moments we might unintentionally miss!

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Poetry Thursday~Dasies~Mary Oliver

I have not read much of Mary Oliver so I checked out a book of her poems from the library. I decided not to read poem cover to cover but instead just opened the book to a page and this was the first one I came across. I felt it very appropriate for a sunny, hot summer day. Wouldn't it be nice to roam through a field of Dasie's?


It is possible, I suppose that sometime

we will learn everything

there is to learn: what the world is, for example,

and what it means. I think this as I am crossing

from one field to another, in summer, and the

mockingbird is mocking me, as one who either

knows enough already or knows enough to be

perfectly content not knowing. Song being born

of quest he knows this: he must turn silent

were he suddenly assaulted with answers. Instead

oh hear his wild, caustic, tender warbling ceaselessly

unanswered. At my feet the white-petalled daisies display

the small suns of their center piece, their - if you don't

mind my saying so - their hearts. Of course

I could be wrong, perhaps their hearts are pale and

narrow and hidden in the roots. What do I know?

But this: it is heaven itself to take what is given,

to see what is plain; what the sun lights up willingly;

for example - I think this

as I reach down, not to pick but merely to touch -

the suitability of the field for the daisies, and the

daisies for the field.

~Mary Oliver

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Happy Birthday~To Me

Today I am 38! There was no party! Really, the only person that remembered was my best friend in the entire world. That's what best friends are. Her phone call was a nice sentiment for me. Somehow after she called I didn't feel so forgotten anymore.
The craziest thing is that this is the first year in a long time that my birthday has meant something to me. I see it as two steps closer I guess to the BIG 40 and coming into a new stage in life. One I can't wait to experience.

So here's to 38, a year in which I hope to learn, grow and discover more about myself. I want to have more fun, live out my dreams, build new friendships, let go of the things in my life that bring me down, continue to enjoy motherhood and simply be the best me I can be.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Environmental News

Wanted to share this article in the NY TIMES on line today. I really wish more people would take issues of our environment more seriously.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Monday~ and Revelations

Today began as a very hard day. I felt sluggish, most definitely did not want to get out of bed. Not in the mood to really do much of anything but hang out on the couch and watch a movie. In the end though, I did manage to pull myself together and write!

Everyday like a little trooper, I am spending more time then I could have imagined in front of my computer grinding out something, onto the blank pages of Word. At first it was hard. Very hard. I would sit and want to do other things. Really, I felt as if I could do almost anything rather than staring at a blank computer screen’s word processing page. I guess it is true what writer after writer preaches and that just by sitting "it" will come. Something inside you really does click and then you have so much to say, good or not good.

I can't believe that I waited so long to get back into my writing. Sadly, I see it now as so much time wasted and skill lost that needs to be regained. But I look forward to the challenges I will face with myself and my writing. I crave attempting to gain back my momentum and my confidence as a writer.

I am too aware of the truth about the discipline I must have to continue on and I am ready for it. I am ready to face a world of rejection letters and criticism if it means that one day I will be a published author.

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Sunday, June 17, 2007

#64 Sunday Scribblings~Eccentricity

I honestly have no clue what my eccentricities are. I guess on that level I need a better understanding of myself.

My friends would say my lack of drinking out of other peoples cup's or sharing drinks with others it eccentric. I simply just find it gross, so I don’t do it. I guess I also have been brainwashed about the “backwash factor”. I especially will not drink out of a cup that my daughter has (she’s three, need I say more). But I question that as an eccentricity.

I guess, if I would have to choose an eccentric way to be, it would to be an artist that does eccentric art; such as Dali or a musician such as Frank Zappa. These are two eccentric people I admire greatly. I feel it is their eccentricities that helped them be as talented and good as they were in their field. Then there is also my best friend. Eccentricity should be her middle name.

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Poetry Thursday~Erich Fried

Eric Fried is a poet I learned about while living in Germany. I actually first read his poems in German long before I read them in English. In either language they are powerful. I went online to see if I could find one of my favorites by him translated and came across this one, which is a new one for me. I put the English first and added the original as well. Enjoy.

One Hour

I have spent one hour
a poem that I have written

One hour
That means: In this time
1400 small children died of starvation
because every 2½ seconds
one child under five starves to death
in our world

Also for one hour
the arms race continued
and 62 million eight hundred thousand dollars
were spent in this one hour
for the protection of various powers
from each other
for the military spendings of the world
at the moment amount to
550 billion dollars per year
Our country also
contributes its mite

The question arises
if it still makes sense
to write poems
with the way things are
It maybe true
that some poems are about
military spendings and war
and starving children
But others are about
love and aging and
meadows and trees and mountains
and also about poems and pictures

If it wasn't also for
all these other things
then nobody really cares
about children and peace either anymore.

~Erich Fried
Translated from the German by Anna Kallio)

Eine Stunde

Ich habe eine Stunde damit verbracht
ein Gedicht das ich geschrieben habe
zu korrigieren

Eine Stunde
Das heißt: In dieser Zeit
sind 1400 kleine Kinder verhungert
denn alle 2½ Sekunden verhungert
ein Kind unter fünf Jahren
in unserer Welt

Eine Stunde lang wurde auch
das Wettrüsten fortgesetzt
und 62 Millionen achthunderttausend Dollar
wurden in dieser einen Stunde ausgegeben
für den Schutz der verschiedenen Mächte
denn die Rüstungsausgaben der Welt
betragen derzeit
550 Milliarden Dollar im Jahr
Auch unser Land trägt dazu
sein Scherflein bei

Die Frage liegt nahe
ob es noch sinnvoll ist
bei dieser Lage der Dinge
Gedichte zu schreiben.
Allerdings geht es
in einigen Gedichten
um Rüstungsausgaben und Krieg
und verhungernde Kinder.
Aber in anderen geht es
um Liebe und Altern und
um Wiesen und Bäume und Berge
und auch um Gedichte und Bilder

Wenn es nicht auch
um all dies andere geht
dann geht es auch keinem mehr wirklich
um Kinder und Frieden

~ Erich Fried

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Self Portrait Challenge~June~Enviornment

I had HUGE intentions of growing veggies and herbs this year. So I began planting in the Spring. My little cherry tomato plant is so far the only thing that seems to have survived the long summer days of heat and no rain As usual in the good ol' south we are having a drought again. Go figure. Seems to be all too common these days.

All my herbs have dried and shriveled up. It doesn't seem to matter how much I water them on my own it isn't enough.

I have picked two tomatoes so far and as you can see from the picture there is another tomato working on it's way to becoming ripe.

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Monday, June 11, 2007

Good to be back!

Well, it has been over ten months since I posted anything on this blog as of yesterday. It felt good to participate in Sunday Scribblings again, even though I found it difficult to write the post. My life in the last ten months has been crazy and filled with drama. It forced me to really take a hard look at where my life was going and how genuinely happy I truly was (which I realized I was not).

My job was really at a dead end, the company was letting people go and offered voluntary separation so I took it. It allows me the freedom of staying home and getting a paycheck for five months while I make my eBay business a full-time gig and truly try this time to pursue my passion of writing and dabbling in arts again.

My little one turned three on the 22nd of May and I am amazed at what a little individual she is becoming. I love watching her discover what life is about, forming new friendships and seeing the excitement on her face or hearing it in her voice, when she proudly shows what she is capable of doing on her own.Yet she is also a mini-me in so many ways it is frightening. As you can see from the picture she loves to color, (paint and draw as well) so I have signed her up for a class called Little Leonardo's at the Spruill Art Center near where we live. I think it will be as much fun for me as it will for her.

I also took a long break from my blog reading as well and it is great to read my favorites again on a semi-regular basis.

Have also been trying to catch up on all the books and movies I have not had the opportunity to enjoy. Actually, a great foreign film that I rented this past weekend was The Syrian Bride. It has a bit of everything since it is a comedy/drama.

Being home during the week really has allotted me more freedom on the weekends to spend time doing the things I enjoy and spending it with my daughter, family and friends.

As the summer winds down I will be enrolling myself in art classes for the fall. I want to take a pottery class and metal smithing. These are two things I took in art class when I was younger, but never really had the opportunity to take classes outside of school.

Well, the day is slowly getting aways from me and my stomach is telling me it is time for a nice BIG salad with Naturally Fresh's ginger dressing (it is so yummy!) for lunch.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

#63 Spicy~Sunday Scribblings

Thai food! The best of spicy there is. The best blend of spices such as salt, coriander or cilantro root, Thai peppercorns and garlic, paired with curries and chilies is simply outstanding. I personally like my Thai food “Thai hot”.

I also love chili waters that act as relishes. Condiments, salsa or seasonings to put over rice dishes or used as dipping sauces. I have become immune to the heat of the spice and no longer does my mouth burn or do hiccups creep up on me, at the end of a meal. I can now really appreciate the flavors and the bite that come from each morsel of food I put into my mouth.

My cousin who came into our family by way of marriage is Thai. She has taught me what the true taste of Thai food is. It is always more fun to make all the ingredients from scratch (making your own chili paste and spice mixtures) if you have the time, but buying the premixed ingredients from an Asian or Farmers’ Markets makes the food taste just as delicious.

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