Monday, June 11, 2007

Good to be back!

Well, it has been over ten months since I posted anything on this blog as of yesterday. It felt good to participate in Sunday Scribblings again, even though I found it difficult to write the post. My life in the last ten months has been crazy and filled with drama. It forced me to really take a hard look at where my life was going and how genuinely happy I truly was (which I realized I was not).

My job was really at a dead end, the company was letting people go and offered voluntary separation so I took it. It allows me the freedom of staying home and getting a paycheck for five months while I make my eBay business a full-time gig and truly try this time to pursue my passion of writing and dabbling in arts again.

My little one turned three on the 22nd of May and I am amazed at what a little individual she is becoming. I love watching her discover what life is about, forming new friendships and seeing the excitement on her face or hearing it in her voice, when she proudly shows what she is capable of doing on her own.Yet she is also a mini-me in so many ways it is frightening. As you can see from the picture she loves to color, (paint and draw as well) so I have signed her up for a class called Little Leonardo's at the Spruill Art Center near where we live. I think it will be as much fun for me as it will for her.

I also took a long break from my blog reading as well and it is great to read my favorites again on a semi-regular basis.

Have also been trying to catch up on all the books and movies I have not had the opportunity to enjoy. Actually, a great foreign film that I rented this past weekend was The Syrian Bride. It has a bit of everything since it is a comedy/drama.

Being home during the week really has allotted me more freedom on the weekends to spend time doing the things I enjoy and spending it with my daughter, family and friends.

As the summer winds down I will be enrolling myself in art classes for the fall. I want to take a pottery class and metal smithing. These are two things I took in art class when I was younger, but never really had the opportunity to take classes outside of school.

Well, the day is slowly getting aways from me and my stomach is telling me it is time for a nice BIG salad with Naturally Fresh's ginger dressing (it is so yummy!) for lunch.


Blogger Jennifer said...

Thanks for sharing your update! ya know, salad is about spicy as I
Congrats on the new outlook on life! Keep us posted!

7:46 AM  

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