Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Fourth!

Our country is yet another year older today! I spent most of the day at home with my daughter, playing on the computer designing a new website I am working on.

We went on an early morning walk. The weather for July fourth was surprisingly very mild and cool. I brought along my new point and shoot camera that I received for for my birthday and shot a series of pictures on our walk this morning. The we went to my parents for a cookout, and ate until we were super full. Not having a nap today, my daughter crashed in the car on the way home. Lucky me, I was able to put her to bed early tonight.

I am working on moving this blog as well over to WordPress so that I can expand into a different creative direction. Hopefully, I will have the new blog up and running by Monday of next week.

I had an interview yesterday for a part-time Electronic Marketing Specialist position that I think went really well. I am excited at the opportunity of having a position such as this, becasue it is a field I have always wanted to work in. So we shall see what comes of it. I am going to send out my post interview thank you letters tomorrow and then wait for a call one way or another. I also have a meeting with a search firm tomorrow morning to go over my resume for other possible positions. After not having interviewed for a new job in so many years I am surprised I am less nervous than I thought I would be.

Nice little break today but tomorrow is back to business in every sense. Until that moment though I am going to go catch up on a few shows I have tivoe'd before catching some zzzzz's.

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